Why We Do What We Do

The business relations between the Philippines and the world economy have resulted in the need of attaining global competence for the country. This is fundamentally important for the nation’s growth since to continue having seamless interactions with the developed nations, Filipinos also require to upgrade their skill-set and be at par with what’s in demand around the globe. Else, they’ll be highly vulnerable to threats like losing their jobs if they won’t be prepared for the future professions and develop the in-demand skills right away.

Career Engine empowers the Philippines to be future-ready. We aim to help Filipinos transition into confident individuals who will be ready to run their livelihoods by becoming better skilled and more employable in the rapidly advancing tech generation of today.




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Our Role

There is a need for the Philippines to be adept as per the international requirements that demand them to be skillful due to advancements in technology happening around the globe.

Career Engine will really meet the exact skill needs of the sectorial industry requirements, both nationally as well as internationally, and develop a skilled workforce in the country that will be of global standards. Such a skilled population will not only help the nation progress faster as per the international standards but will also enable the people to be able to work in the developed sections of the society.

The engine of our philosophy works on:

Conducting skill-gap studies in the country to identify appropriate skills that the people need to be trained for

Developing the exact curriculum for graduating students or fresh graduates of colleges as well as vocational training institutes to help them become future-ready to work

Crucially assessing and certifying trainees who have been skilled via accredited certification bodies

Encouraging the trained students to advocate the program by volunteerism activities like the Train-the-trainers initiative

How You Will Benefit

Whether a student accesses our courses or the industry partners associate with us for finding the right talent for full-time work or fruitful internships, Career Engine is a one-stop solution for both.

The courses offered by Career Engine will help students focus on the practical delivery of work and help them enhance their technical expertise so that they are ready from day one for their job. This way, companies don’t have to invest into training them for the job profile since Career Engine will facilitate the required training solutions to the students even before they apply for a job.