What You Will Learn

Career engine offers a unique, gamified learning portal to the users, making it the first, self-learning tool for the students that is not a typical elearning platform but a lot more.

Upon registration, the platform will allow you to:

Navigate through the video-based learning modules

Track your progress through the personalized dashboard

Assess your learning through on-the-go quizzes

Get certified from accredited authorities

Mandatory Soft Skills

It is evident that no job applicant clears the interviews solely based on his or her technical skills. The interviewer also assesses how the interviewees present themselves, communicate with others, and how smartly they’ll handle tough situations when hired, while maintaining good terms with the management, the team, and the partners as well as clients.

Career Engine’s pre- and post-employment training modules offer the students the foundation for building the basics to enter the job world and eventually, excel at it.

The step-by-step video tutorials for the mandatory soft skills are customized for college and technical vocational students and are facilitated by top-notch HR experts from the industry. The modules are unique for they are developed keeping the local context of the market in mind, citing practical scenarios with professional resolutions for the learners.

Elective Advanced Skills

In order to facilitate the young Filipinos with the right learning modules to help them fit in the demanding roles of today’s job world, Career Engine has crafted new skills training that will prepare the youth for the futuristic jobs already.

The benefit of going through these innovative skills will also give the users an edge over others who’re applying for these jobs but are not skilled for the new professions of today.

At least one elective course has to be chosen once the user goes through the mandatory soft skills to ultimately get certified and apply for internships.


Career Engine ensures that the students get their basics right. To confirm that the students’ learning curve is thorough, the certifications will only be provided by the accredited authorities when the users will meet the set criteria.

Once the students finish the mandatory soft skills, and choose at least one elective, they will have to take a self-assessment quiz and clear the exam with the standard score set by Career Engine. This will enable them to apply for internships in any organization listed in our portal.

The accredited certification will not only ensure the hiring companies that the students are ready to work in the new job with the required skills but will also give an edge to the students over other applicants.