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A long and thriving career begins with the right job. And the employability skills required to get into today’s job world is a mandate for job applicants without a doubt. Career Engine will train users like you with the right advanced skills for the new world of work today through our mandatory and elective skills training.

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We’ll guide you to build a career that will match your talents with the right line of work. This process involves understanding both the current job market and your personal strengths and weaknesses and then connecting you with the right organizations where your skills will be valued and you too will gain good professional experience.

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When applying for an entry level job search, the probability of getting a full-time job is bleak for the lack of professional experience becomes a hindrance there. With our internship finder, get as many work opportunities as possible with the desired companies listed in our portal. If you’re wondering where you can get experience if no one is willing to hire you; the answer is simple – get an internship!

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Building a career is a lifelong affair. This means that continuous efforts are required to hone in-demand skills and develop new talents to avoid becoming obsolete in the job world. Career Engine will ensure that young Filipinos keep enhancing their skills as per the requirements of the evolving workforce to be able to succeed as a professional irrespective of the changing job trends.