Offering a number of pre-employment training courses, Career Engine has brought in top-notch HR experts from the country to help the young students prepare for job interviews and get into their dream company too.

The contents of the modules are designed to enhance the life skills of individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, those facing an impending layoff, and those who have just entered the job world.


Who is it for?

Graduating students

Preparing those who are about to graduate for their first job interview

Fresh Graduates

Enabling first-time job seekers prepare to apply for a job and face the interview successfully

Out-of-School Youth

Training individuals to become professionally competent to seek employment


Empowering young interns to prepare for permanent job opportunities

Anybody who's looking for a job

Assisting those who're struggling with applying for their dream job due to lack of life skills

What does it Cover?

Finding the Job
Getting the Job

The core curriculum focuses on the development of essential skills for the workplace. The courses we offer include modules to help people find a desired job and ultimately get through the job interview and vacancy with the use of digital training and gamified assessments.

Resume writing, interviewing techniques, and job search skills are emphasized in this set of videos. Job placement and self-sufficiency is the ultimate goal of our Pre-employment catalog.

Learning Experience

Graduating & Newly Graduated Students

Get ready for the future work skills with us

Out-of-School Youth

Seek better career opportunities with advanced skills training


Learn how to ace your professional life successfully


  • Workforce Readiness Certificate (WRC) from Career Engine is a credential that will promote skills and career development for individuals
  • This certification will verify to employers anywhere in the country that you possess basic workplace skills and employability skills that are in demand for specific vacancies today