While a number of training programs have made a steady progress toward increasing people's earnings and employment, they generally have not resulted in a sustained long-term employment, occupational advancement, or incomes for the youth.

The Career Engine, through its post-employment modules from the best HR experts in the country aims to help students learn the art of not just working in an organization but also excelling and growing in their job role.


Who is it for?

Graduating students

Preparing those who are about to graduate for their first job interview

Fresh Graduates

Enabling first-time job seekers to prepare to apply for a job and face the interview successfully

Out-of-School Youth

Training individuals to become professionally competent to seek employment


Empowering young interns to prepare for permanent job opportunities

Anybody who's looking for a job

Assisting those who're struggling with applying for their dream job due to lack of life skills

What does it Cover?

Excelling at the Job
Work-Life Balance

Watch this series of modules from Career Engine and get all the tips and tricks to understand how to excel once hired for a job.

From setting your KRAs right when you join an organization to knowing the basics of professional behavioral approach at a workstation, this program will help you gain the right skills in no time.

Maintaining the perfect life-balance is tough but not impossible. Learn how to manage your professional and personal lives without getting stressed out.
From understanding how to do salary negotiations to managing office conflicts or simply dealing with work pressure, this set of modules uncovers the secrets of becoming a calm and smart professional.

Learning Experience

Graduating & Newly Graduated Students

Get ready for the future work skills with us

Out-of-School Youth

Seek better career opportunities with advanced skills training


Learn how to ace your professional life successfully


  • Workforce Readiness Certificate (WRC) from Career Engine is a credential that will promote skills and career development for individuals
  • This certification will verify to employers anywhere in the country that you possess basic workplace skills and employability skills that are in demand for specific vacancies today